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Commercial and General Sponsorship

Commercial contributions and General Sponsorship

Below we outline some ideas for financial and general contributions. In case it concerns you, please note the relationship between ZikiChombo and the parent company at the bottom of this page.

Drop a dime

If you just like our project, then drop us a dime and we’ll put it to use.

Get your name on our site

We’ll shout your name from the rooftops!


You can earmark your sponsorship for specific goals and functionality and be provided with or have published via issue tracker tags how the funds were spent. However, our members reserve the right and have a duty to prioritize their work based on community-wide demand.


We are looking forward to seeing some rockin, drum thwacking, deep rhythm dancin’ and even Mozart-or-Yo-Yo-Ma-esque gophers. Designs welcome and we’d like to offer a prize to the winner. If you donate and send us a mail indicating you’d like to see your donation make some gophers rock we’ll task the money to this prize.


Email is our most effective mechanism for establishing 1-1 contact. We can exchange phone/video or in person after that as needed.

Relationship to IRI France, SAS

When you give money for ZikiChombo, the money is directed to IRI France, SAS, a French 1 person LLC dedicated to R&D. IRI France, SAS, (hereafter refered to as IFS) in turn keeps track of these funds and documents their distribution to the ZikiChombo project in accordance with the principles, goals, and methods put forth on this site.

Additionally, IFS itself sponsors ZikiChombo with time and money for infrastructure. To distinguish IFS’s sponsorship from yours, IFS’s contributions to ZikiChombo are automatically split in half: half of all resources given to ZikiChombo are pure grants, and the other half are no-interest loans which are to be paid back from ZikiChombo revenue when available. In this way, you can be assured that your donations, destined for IFS are indeed supporting ZikiChombo and at the same time, IFS is indeed sponsoring ZikiChombo and enforcing that your donation be used exclusively for ZikiChombo. If you consider yourself a significant donor, please feel free to contact us with requests for documentation of how your funds are spent.

We hope to turn ZikiChombo into it’s own legal entity, perhaps a non-profit or french “Association”. This requires resources and growth and is currently not logistically in scope.