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Developer Contributions

Developer Contributions

Developers provide support by engaging our project.

Giving our libraries a shot.

Using and trying to use our libraries on a test run helps. Even if you don’t end up doing much, it gives you the opportunity to give us feedback, ask questions, and file issues, all of which help the project.

Filing issues and asking questions.

The filing of issues comprises major and irreplacable contributions. It lets us track and resolve problems. We also use the issue tracker for coordinating design discussions and answering questions. There is an always open issue entitled “Questions” in each project for that, and it helps us to better organize the documentation.

Send us pull requests

You can send pull requests, and we can incorporate them after review. Incorporation will only take place after licensing has been clearly established for the ZikiChombo project. Pull requests that pass review but do not clearly establish licensing in a timely fashion will be dropped.

Engaging in technical discussions.

Our issues contain technical discussions in which all opinions are appreciated. The field of sound processing is too large for anyone to be a universal expert, and your input at any level of expertise is thus valuable. Chime in and help drive the dialog to fruition.

Become an upstream supplier.

Audio processing is full of too many challenges to achieve “no extenal dependencies” and broad functionality at once. We vet upstream suppliers of functionality for quality, security, release planning and licensing. Got a codec you’d like us to use? A driver? We may well want it. So drop us a line.

Become a ZikiChombo Member

Members have a status of providing guidance to the community. They are the keepers of the project, and their work is dedicated to advancing ZikiChombo. To become a new member, the following is required:

  1. unanimous member acceptance of IP/Licensing clearance for your work.
  2. >= 34 majority vote of existing members for entrance.
  3. >= 12 majority vote of existing members quarterly.

The founders are exempt from the last requirement, but must record the vote nonetheless.

All member voting abstentions are taken as acceptance after 2 weeks.


For questions regarding becoming a member, upstream supply, or developer contributions in general, email is our best way to establish a 1-1 conversation.