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The name ZikiChombo comes from the swahili “Muziki Chombo” Muziki means music and chombo means machine or instrument or device. It is probably not the best translation of what is commonly considered a “musical instrument”, but the idea here is that our tools are the instrument or device.

ZikiChombo was created by Scott Cotton at IRI France, SAS as a result of frustrations working with audio in Go. IRI France, SAS is a french 1-person LLC. The company manages ZikiChombo in accordance with the goals and methods presented here.

Go is a great language, and it is general purpose. Some may conclude that commercial grade audio applications are well within Go’s reach, and from a language perspective they are. But from an ecosystem perspective, they are, at least in general, definitely not. ZikiChombo is here to fix that, providing one niche ecosystem for developers working with Sound in Go, to be part of providing the world’s first solution achieving at once simple, reliable, and efficient sound processing software tools.