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ZikiChombo is an open source project dedicated to providing a simple, reliable, and efficient sound processing and I/O library in Go.

All the ZikiChombo projects are in alpha, not yet appropriate for production use. Some are well ahead of others. Check out the projects page for inter-project dependencies and project roadmaps.


Sound processing and I/O encompasses a vast landscape of functionality, touching on digital signal processing, “firm” real time processing where failures to meet deadlines renders applications useless rather than degraded, speech, music and more.
ZikiChombo aims to be an enabler for developers in a wide variety of these spaces, an effective library for low and high level applications which interoperate nicely.

To this end, ZikiChombo has the following sub-projects

Project Goal GoDoc
sound core sound data types, interfaces. doc
sio portable I/O without external (non-Go, non-host) dependencies. doc
codec a generic codec interface and implementations/adaptors. doc
dsp transforms, convolutions, filtering doc
plug Providing routable real-time and offline plug-in like functionality. doc
plugx Providing I/O interoperability with standard plugin formats such as VST and AU. docs not yet available
ioval controllers and meters docs not yet available

Each is hosted in its own git repository.


Our code is hosted on github under the zikichombo organisation.

go get
go get
go get
go get
go get

Try the examples, build an app, read the code and join the discussions. The remaining projects (ioval, plugx) are not yet go-gettable, feel free to join in on the design/discussion phase on github.


We need more sponsors! Check out our Contributing Page for opportunities.

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